On the Trail: Summer of Canyons and Mystic Waters I

Rock 'n Roll Stages--or--The Stages of Rock 'n Roll
(written by Melanie)

Revelry emblazoned Las Placitas Canyon. The guys went with the flow with Floyd Westerman, where they stroked the River of Grand Colorado and charged the gates of Moab. Our Northeast Summer Tour circuit was calling so they lassoed planes and headed to the green valleys of New York.

Behold. The Rock and Roll Arena. The stage, assembled like a jewel in its center is the size of a small apartment. It has a drum riser, it has silver scaffolding three stories high, it has cosmic lights and an ideal location next to the thundering falls. And then...it rained. An insistent downpour moved our early July set at Niagara Falls Casino to an indoor location amid a massive bike show. Behold. Our new stage...on the floor...in a corner...next to a stage...with exactly three bikes on its immense floor.

But we're the humble sort and eager to play. Our Peasant King took full advantage of the opportunity to mesmerize the unsuspecting crowd. The Sampson family joined us and shook it down on the floor, Pow wow style. We were happy to have Wild-Bander-of-Old, Derek Miller, sit in on the set. There's nothing like jamming with family.

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