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Homeland is a rich and engaging film by Jilann Spitzmiller and Hank Rogerson that weaves together the stories of four Lakota Indian families from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Shot over the course of three years, the film follows a spiritual leader, a grandmother, an artist and a community activist. Set against the stunning back drop of the Northern Plains, the film reminds us all of the power of family, the immense spirit of the natural world and the healing properties of humor and faith.

The twenty-four instrumental tracks featuring flute, guitar and percussions by Keith Secola provide a rich audible environment for the film. The music contains new material like "House Comes Down a Road on a Hill" and the poignant "Dream Still Alive." It also includes new versions of older Secola tunes, including a dance mix of perhaps his best known song, the witty, humorous, upbeat "NDN Cars". 

Native American Music Awards logoBest Instrumental Recording
 (Native American Music Awards, 2001, Artist of the Year nomination)


Homeland Song List:
1. Homeland 3:08 
2. Dream Still Alive 1:20 
3. Millenium Kar 2:44 
4. Need a Home 2:26 
5. Canadian National 1:00 
6. 34 0:34 
7. Grandma's Easter Lullaby 0:59 
8. Hard to Start a Biz 0:30 
9. PPM 2:40 
10. Ishpiming 1:39 
11. I Scare Myself 1:47 
12. Passion 1:46 
13. Happy Song 0:50 
14. Woman 0:59 
15. Horses on a Hill 1:09 
16. Winter Passage 1:30 
17. House Comes Down a Road on a Hill 1:55 
18. Tears from the Sky 1:00 
19. Northern Lights 3:37 
20. So Many Dreams 0:51 
21. Blue 1:28 
22. Rasp 1:48 
23. Circle Dance 4:30 
Bonus Track

Native Americana Music
AKINA Records ©2000
Produced by Keith Secola 

All songs composed and performed by Keith Secola, except Grandma's Easter Lullaby, written by Pura Fe of Ulali, performed by the Indigo Girls, Published by Corn, Beans and Squash Music (ASCAP), and Passion by Carlos Reynosa.

Additional tracks from the Akina catalog, Circle (1992), Wildband of Indians (1997) and Fingermonkey (2000). 

Musicians: Wildband of Indians featuring Jimmy Vickers on Bass.

Engineer: Andy Kern, Red Mountain Studios, Tempe, AZ. 

Mastering: CD Markman, Tempe, AZ. 

Thanks to Daemon Records, Russell Carter Management & Ulali. 

Carlos Reynosa appears courtesy of Sacred Circle Music, (818) 364-0029.

Cover Photo: Carlos Reynosa 

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