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Summer of Canyons and Mystic Waters

Summer of Canyons and Mystic Waters Apex


The Purpose of the Pause
(written by Melanie)

In music, some of the most inspiring things happen in the pause. It's not that the pause or the break does all the work of the song, but it gives you a momentary void to appreciate all that has happened, before propelling to a beautiful, anticipated future.

Our pause was in Cleveland where we visited Charming Chris and the Lovely Legal Laura (also known as the Mermaid of Lake Erie). We sailed the waters of Erie and sang songs, and listened to an Official Sevs-the-Tie-Dye-Guy Rant delivered over the rhythm of a Johnny Cash song: "I don't swim in Lake Erie, man, you shouldn't swim in that water. It's toxic, I mean, do you really think the Corporate Giant has built his empire on the edge of Lake Erie for the Beautiful View? I mean, just wait till the sun goes down, what do you think happens? All that garbage sitting gets dumped into the water. That stuff causes cancer, man. But, you know, don't let me spoil your good time, man, I mean, you gotta enjoy life, I will give you that, but we're all f*cked anyway, so...swim!"

Come that evening we sliced the waters by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and watched the city set on fire with sodium light.

A beautiful moment occurred in the backyard at Chris and Laura's. While playing under the stars, listening to Keith's ideas and to the D-minor of crickets, pieces of the Fry Bread Opera began to unfold further, so much so you could almost reach out and touch it. All this water has filled us with fire and we plan to work on the Opera in depth this fall. This is going to be the best recording yet and one in which we seek to expand the Wild Band sound to Keith's fullest vision, one that will reach from the heart of Anishinabe country to the heart of the world and beyond. We're humbled by this opportunity and our hearts are in it.

Just you wait.

Keith Secola and the Wild Band