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When we finished recording Christmas Time, I took a break from the studio to catch some air. I remembered the song in its original form. I liked how the two came together to create a new song. Transformation took place and alchemy ran its course. The muse works in mysterious ways. When spirits enter a room they sing, Ho, ho, ho, ho, hey, heyda. Now I understand the flash of light. 

NDN Kars


NDN Kars


My first NDN Kar was called, The Spy Car. I bought it from a teacher for one hundred dollars. It was a blue 67 Newport Chrysler; complete with its own bear dent (bear wasn’t hurt), and an eight-track tape player that was easily worth two hundred.  


This is how I wrote the song NDN Kars


I was 21 years old, the year was 1978, and I was headed on a canoe trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) of northern Minnesota. We stopped in Winton, MN 

Fry-Bread Sanctuaries at the Kennedy Center and Smithsonian

Fry-Bread Sanctuaries at the Kennedy Center  and Smithsonian
Native Rock legend, Keith Secola, to premier songs from his  newly composed,  rock opera, entitled, "Seeds", August 7th, 6:00 PM at the Kennedy Center, Millennium Stage,

Floyd Red Crow Westerman Tribute


We came together to honor and remember, Floyd Red Crow Westerman.

Summer of Canyons and Mystic Waters

Summer of Canyons and Mystic Waters Apex


The Purpose of the Pause
(written by Melanie)

In music, some of the most inspiring things happen in the pause. It's not that the pause or the break does all the work of the song, but it gives you a momentary void to appreciate all that has happened, before propelling to a beautiful, anticipated future.

Summer of Canyons and Mystic Waters II

Monster Jams and Vermillionaires
(written by Melanie)

By the beautiful gorges of Ithaca we played the Grassroots Festival in T-burg, New York. Grassroots is a natural occurrence of positive human collaboration in joy.

On the Trail: Summer of Canyons and Mystic Waters I

Rock 'n Roll Stages--or--The Stages of Rock 'n Roll
(written by Melanie)

Revelry emblazoned Las Placitas Canyon. The guys went with the flow with Floyd Westerman, where they stroked the River of Grand Colorado and charged the gates of Moab.

On the Trail - Part Deux

On the Trail - Part Deux


Perfect Poetry from May in Paris
(written by Melanie)

We last left our musical heroes Keith and Jimmy V packing their bags for Paris. There the beautiful and inspiring Lorenza joined them. They hiked the canyons of the City of Love

Cheers from the Wild Band



Cheers from the Wild Band!




May 7-12, 2007  Croatia & Slovenia

We temporarily relocated to Europe! Old and new members of the Wild Band recently converged and emerged weary, smiling and ready to play in beautiful Zagreb, Croatia. 

The Making of Native Americana

The L.A. Session - June 21, 2002
The recording of Native Americana started with a trip to L.A. to record with John Densmore of The Doors, Jim Creegan of Barenaked Ladies, along with Jimmy V of Wild Band of Indians.

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