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The thunderous sound of a Pow Wow Drum, power chords and finger pick'in, echoes of Native American Flute, the music of Keith Secola and Wild Band of Indians.                                                                                                  

"The Human race, is the face of all people, different tongues,one heart."--Keith Secola


Native folk & blues rocker Keith Secola is an accomplished artist: award-winning musician, guitarist and native flute player; singer, songwriter, and producer. His music is familiar to thousands of fans across North America and Europe. Keith's famous song,"NDN KARS" is considered the contemporary Native American anthem and is the most requested song on Native radio in the US and Canada. Keith Secola is Anishinabe (Ojibwa) originally from the Mesabi Iron Range country of northern Minnesota, now residing in Arizona. He's a member of the Anishinabe Nation of northern Minnesota and southern Ontario,Canada.

Keith Secola is a seven-time Native American Music Awards winner receiving numerous Nammy nominations in various categories.

Winner: Artist of the Year,

            Best Producer,

                 Best Folk/Country Recording,

                 Best Blues/Jazz Recording,                                                          

                 Best Independent Recording,

            Best Linguistic Recording,

            Best Instrumental Recording

Nominations for: Songwriter of the Year, Record of the Year,

                    Song/Single of the Year, Best Historical Recording.


    In 2011, Keith Secola was inducted into the

       Native American Music Awards Hall of Fame,

         joining Jimmy Hendrix, Hank Williams,

    Crystal Gayle, Richie Valens among other inductees.





Keith Secola's Ultimate Underground Album -- Phase 1: Record

Be a part of making the Ultimate Underground Album with cult legend and master of Native Americana, Keith Secola.



Keith Secola's Ultimate Underground Album

Keith Secola is an icon, a cult hero, and a master of Native Americana.Famous for the classic song NDN Kars, he's a veteran musician and a Native Music Hall of Fame inductee. As Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead assured him: America will get your music. Good music falls through the cracks all the time. Watch, it may take 10 years, but they will get it and love it. That time ishere. Keith has been an indie artist from the get-go, having released six albums under his own label Akina Records and holding the record for the #1 requested song on tribal radio for close to 25 yrs. And while making music at the grassroots has helped him maintain artistic integrity and develop his own unique style, it has also limited his ability to fully realize his complete vision on various projects. Artists as seasoned as Keith should know no limits.So, we are on a mission to help him make The Ultimate Underground Album!



Grassroots Working Together

We've set a modest goal of $4000 to help Keith record. This will give him freedom to:

  • Afford the amount of studio time he needs
  • Bring in the musicians and vocalists he wants 
  • Work with the engineers who can help him achieve the perfect sound for this album
  • Produce a deluxe edition with outtakes, acoustic versions and special treats he could not otherwise include

In return for your contribution you will:

  • Be rewarded with incentives that range from signed merchandise, toalbum credit, and from one-on-one time with Keith hiking in the Superstitions (where he finds his inspiration), to having Keith play your private party.
  • In addition, you will be a part of music history by helping one of the hardest working, most gifted, passionate, eclectic and underrated musicians in America reach the next level in his career by making theUltimate Underground Album.
  • If our goal is not met, Keith will continue to make the album with the resources available. Any funds received over $4000 will go toward Phase 2: Manufacture the Ultimate Underground Album (to include pressing vinyl).




Other Ways to Participate:

Share, share, share this campaign! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your bus driver, and your hairdresser, and don't forget to share on your social media! Press may reach Keith at: keith@secola.com

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